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IPO Hong Kong

The Purchasing Group of NEC has striven to promote its activities in line with NEC's diversification and the expansion of its global business. Establishing IPOs (International Purchasing Offices) in key locations around the world has proved invaluable. IPOs work with technical and quality control engineering department based on the concept of development-related procurement; they strengthen the international procurement processes in order to secure competitive pricing for markets worldwide.

IPOs have been established in North America, Europe, and Asian locations in addition to Japan. IPO Hong Kong was set up in Hong Kong, with purchasing activities covering the Asia-Pacific region. It works closely with the IPOs in Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and India to maintain contact with suppliers and manage the Asian procurement sources.

Today, shortened product life cycles due to technical advancements, keen competition, and ever-decreasing prices mean it is essential for IPOs to obtain low-cost materials. IPOs also help to shorten the lead-time for development and production as well as ensure the quality of what is procured.

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