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ISO Certified

NEC Platform Technologies Hong Kong Limited gained the certification of ISO9002:1994 in August 1993. In November 2009, it was successfully revised up to ISO9001:2008.

It also received its ISO14001:1996 certificate in February 2001.  It revised its certification scope in April 2003 and was upgraded to 2004 version in January 2006.

NEPT strives to attain excellent Quality and to take Environmental care. Quality Control and Environmental Management Centre (QC & EM Centre) is responsible for promoting staff awareness towards quality and environmental issues, as well as to maintain management systems.

All members of this QC & EM Centre are managers from other divisions who are assigned to take up these concurrent posts.

The Management Representative and other members of QC and EM Centre play significant roles in linking the Company with various stakeholders.

Quality Issue

Environmental Issue

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